"Hope did an excellent job on gathering all the information I needed regarding my purchase and was very professional. She is very familiar with the area demographics and provided crucial information which allowed me to make a solid decision. I would definitely use her again and recommend her highly to all my friends."

- William

"I loved working with you. We've worked with three realtors before you. While they all did their jobs, and some were better than others, none of them have compared to you. You are so respectful but easy to laugh. So fun, but professional. Smart but easy going. You are by far my favorite realtor I've ever had the pleasure of working with. Hands down. I'm so totally impressed with you and your entire team."

- Julie

"Hope was an amazing agent to my husband and I. She pretty much held our hand through buying our first home. I tell all my friends about Hope and how honest and on our side she was the whole time. She wasn't just our agent. She became a really good friend and genuinely cared about my family. She still calls and checks to see how our kids are, and you wont find that a lot. She should be commended on her character and her ability to treat people not just like a customer, but like they truly matter to her. When we decide to sell or move we will go through no one but Hope."

- Trenton and Misty

"Camille was an answer to a prayer. Her no pressure, kind approach was just what we needed. We were impressed by her knowledge and trusted her completely! I would recommend her in a heartbeat."

- Steve

"I have purchased 86 local real estate properties since 1999 and continue to own 35 of them as of this date. I had really lost interest in purchasing more real estate, until I met Hope Teel in 2010. I felt in 2010, the buying and selling of real estate should be a honest and stress free situation between buyers and sellers. Hope Teel understood my feelings and renewed my energy to buy more real estate in my community. She gets my 5 star rating for her excellent abilities to bring buyers and sellers to a closing table and everyone leaves happy."

- Vickie

"Camille is one of the few individuals in the service industry that truly delivers. I wish I could give her 100 referrals a month and I always have my eyes and ears open for her."

- John

"Hope has brought us an amazing real estate agent experience at a time when we had given up on agents. She was always available to answer any questions we had and was always super sweet about it. The home buying process was actually enjoyable thanks to her. Even after closing she is still helping us out! I would HIGHLY recommend Hope Teel!"

- Faith

"We found Camille extremely knowledgeable, honest, friendly and great to work with. She was a perfect match for us."

- Bob

"We flew in from out of state and we only had a couple of days to find a home. Hope was amazing. She had everything ready to go when we got in so we could get right to work. She gave us all the insights that we needed in order to choose a city, neighborhood, and house. She went out of her way to help us out in every way. Excellent Job."

- Zacry

"Camille was responsive and helpful throughout the entire process. We would highly recommend her."

- Tracee